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10 Tips for an Effortlessly Clean and Tidy Home

Everyone loves a clean and tidy house. Well, I say everyone, but I’m sure there’s a sadist or two out there who enjoys their messy, dirty homes! For the rest of though, we love the idea of a clean home.

For the majority of us though, we go through a common cycle of spending hours cleaning on the weekend to achieve this tidy home only to see it descend into untidiness and chaos as we go through the week. We then get to the weekend and have several hours on Saturday or Sunday that we know will have to be dedicated to cleaning up again.

It doesn’t have to be this way. To avoid having to spend hours on the weekend cleaning up, I implemented the following 10 tips to keep an effortless clean home.

1. Make the bed first thing in the morning – There’s nothing more satisfying than going to bed at night with the sheets and blanket arranged neatly. When you roll out of bed in the morning, take two minutes to make the bed and have one less task to do when you get home from work.

2. Put your clothes away when you take them off – How tempting is it to just throw your clothes on the bed or on a dresser. Whenever you take clothes off, take a second to throw them in the hamper or hang them back up if they don’t need washing. This way you’ll avoid the end of week clothes monster lying on your floor!

3. Clean as you cook – I always try to have a sink filled with water and dish soap as I cook. As soon as I no longer need a dish that has been dirtied, I’ll throw them in the sink. If I have a minute while I’m waiting for a timer, I’ll wash that dish. That will reduce the number I’ll have to do after the meal.

4. Dishes get washed or put in the dishwasher – After a dish is used, it should under no circumstances be left on the counter or in the sink. This will allow you to keep valuable counter space free and have the dishes either tucked out of sight in the dishwasher or have them washed.

5. Do a 5 minute tidy – You would really be surprised at what you can accomplish in 5 minutes. Set a timer and start tidying as fast as you can. When the timer goes off, you’re done. Do this once a day and this alone will allow you to stay ahead in the fight against untidiness.

6. Process paper and mail – Don’t allow paper and mail to build up into stacks you can’t see over. When you open a piece of mail, decide what needs to be done with it immediately. Either file it or toss it. The same goes for papers. Gather up all random papers and go through them deciding whether or not you need to keep them.

7. Clean up before bed – Before you go to bed at night take a quick look around your house for anything that you can quickly clean or tidy up. Just a couple of tasks that take two minutes can make for a more peaceful morning.

8. Make it a family effort – Resentment can build up if you feel you are the only one pulling your weight with regards to cleaning. Preach these principles to the rest of the family so you can double, triple, or quadruple your efforts.

9. Have cleaning supplies readily available – When you’re cleaning in short spurts, you don’t want to make finding the cleaning supplies too difficult. Keep all the cleaning supplies in an easily accessible area.

10. Throw it out – Remember, the fewer items you own, the less you’ll have to clean. Try to avoid being even a mild hoarder at all costs. If you realize that you haven’t use something in ages and likely never will, throw it out! Don’t be sentimental over an inanimate object.

Of these 10 tips, I’ve got the biggest benefit out of the 5 minute tidy. I was actually shocked at how much I ended up getting done over the course of a week while implementing this 5 minute challenge.

Put some of these tips to use in your own home and enjoy some stress free cleanliness!